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proudly serving our community since 2015!


We use only premium quality kernels in every batch we make, with careful attention to detail throughout the entire popping process.

Our corn is locally-sourced from non-GMO producers, and our products are gluten free friendly, nut free, and dairy free. Always fresh, always fun, guaranteed! 

about us.

Parrothead Popcorn was founded in 2015 by Steve Boussey and Barb Willis and is based in Amherstburg, Canada.

Steve & Barb wanted to explore fun ways to combine their passion for gourmet foods with their love for their community, and kettle corn was the way to go. After months of perfecting their signature kettle corn recipes, Parrothead Popcorn became a local sensation with dozens of unique flavours that continue to delight fans and customers everywhere.

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